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What do I need to know if I want to submit a proposal for Create2Solve?

Two consortia of companies that are interested in animal-free innovations have each set up a Challenge for the research initiative Create2Solve of ZonMw. Research is needed to realise proof-of-concept projects for these Challenges. That is why we have opened the subsidy call Create2Solve- for research organisations and SMEs.
Representatives of the Challenge companies and Create2Solve will present the call and the Challenges. 
Ask questions live about the Challenges, the procedure, and conditions for submitting during this webinar.  

Challenge 1: Better in-vitro Dosing (BID): Framework and technology development for improving the quality of in vitro data. Bedrijven: Shell, Sabic and LyondellBasell

Challenge 2: Need for human mini -brains as screening tools to assess efficacy of pharmacological or nutritional agents for neurological disorders characterized by white matter issues.  Bedrijven: Nutricia en Danone  Charles River.

The complete subsidy call can be found via the link below.

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